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Why your website is missing on search engine

Posted by : Aishwarya Dandale on | May 13,2019

Why your website is missing on search engine

Making a website for your business and promoting your business online is hectic. Advancing metrics on websites & critical strategies on social media channel is overwhelming and a daunting task.

You have to be more creative and think freshly on how to present and what to show viewers on the website and there are many other search engine optimization activities that also need attention. For example, we love to watch movies but do we really know what exactly was happening behind the scene of the movie? There are many things which need to be finely done with proper planning and before it is executed on screen.

Likewise, to improve website ranking, it must also go through strategic plans. So here we are going to discuss some knowledgeable insights which will help you expand your website reach, interact with customers/website visitors and help to boost your website up on the search engine ladder.

1.  Image Optimization in SEO:

search engine optimizationImage optimization in SEO

You have created a wonderful website design for your business, Great!!! But now what you need to do is bring it to the people. Firstly you have to check how you are doing on search engines like Google, Bing.

You need to understand a little bit about the world of SEO. There are basic things which people ignore like adding meta descriptions, titles, website Url optimization, etc. Search engines are good at reading the text but when you upload an image on site,to understand  what the image is about, search engines look for alt text (this is a written description about each image or graphic which you are uploading on a website.) Make sure you change the alt-text for every image. Also, the image size needs to be search engine platform friendly, for example – appropriate size for uploading on Google must be – images should have a high resolution with a minimum of 720 x 540 pixels, on Facebook –use 1200 x 628-pixel images, and Tumblr  – images can’t exceed 10MB.

Always make sure you upload a clear image with the file size of 50kb or more. 2 MB is the most appropriate file size, as noted by Google. For business promotions and start-up marketing, always add your logo in the image. This way you can promote your business on Google images site and other images sites such as image bazaar and Pinterest. If it is your product’s image then do not forget to add watermark on the image. This will protect your products from piracy and duplicity. The best advice is on top of search engines is to upload websites to free graphics or image submission sites. Here is the link to common image submissions sites for your help:-


2. Regular Content Up gradation

search engine optimization digital marketing company in navi mumbaiRegular content up gradation

Content can be written in many forms like blogs, articles, videos, infographics, pdf files, word documents, downloads, animation graphics etc.

Your website is a living entity on the internet because of every update you make on the website. It plays a big part in websites interaction with visitors. A website without any content update is static and maybe it considered by search engines as a dead entity with no life and nothing new to offer. Google is the most frequently used search engine.

Google is the king of all search engines and it likes websites with frequent updates on site. Of course, you don’t have to add content every 12th hour or post every hour on each day. You have to be updating the content at least two or three times a week to improve the website’s search engine rank.

While creating content no doubt, you have to focus on keywords but only if they are naturally in place. In other words, write content that answers questions, explains or provides quality information that consumers want.

While adding keywords in the content you need to focus on quality content. Do not write content around a keyword, always remember you cannot make an entire SEO campaign for the website around keywords. Leave the content in a more natural state after all “content is the king”. Few tips to add content – use RSS feeds, add industry-relevant content, and talk about your clients, your successful endeavours or about people and institutes that inspire you.

3. Mobile friendly website or responsive website design:

search engine optimization digital marketing company in navi mumbaiResponsive website design

There is no doubt nowadays people are constantly on their phones, tablets or laptops. We don’t use the phone only for calling purpose but we do a lot of things like buying products, messaging, searching for a location or a direction or simply to keep in touch with friends or family.

The objective is always to stay connected when wherever we are. This is actually an opportunity to grab the attention of viewers or customers by being present right on their mobiles. Google and other search engines are also using this as a ranking factor. Seeing from the user’s point of view, if your site is not mobile friendly then you are potentially losing customers and business.

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